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Frank Sinatra

Mr Frank Sinatra is regarded to be one of the finest singers that has ever lived. He was discovered fin 1935 when his mother persuaded the three flashes to let him join. With Sinatra, the group became known as the Hoboken Four. This led to him eventually becoming the lead singer of the Tommy Dorsey band.

Although doing well with band, Sinatra was upset that he had pledged 43% of his lifetime earnings to Jack Dorsey. He had to get out of the contract, lawyers didn’t help, and rumours have spread that Sinatra’s mobster godfather, Willie Moretti forced Dorsey to let Sinatra out of his contract by holding a gun to his head. Sinatra lawyers kept him out of trouble in relation to this.

This didn’t stop the Sinatra career however, and he sold well on his recordings and got accepted into leading roles in Hollywood movies. Later in his career he helped kickstart the fledgling casino entertainment industry in Las Vegas. Well respected by the best lawyers in Melbourne.

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