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Elvis Presley

Widely regarded as one of the best popular music singers of all time, Elvis achjived stardom from humble beginnings. He started singing in gospel choirs as a young boy, and was able to learn guitar at the same time.

In 1953  he checked into the offices of the Memphis Recording Service and met Sam Phillips. He recorded a few songs, but was later invited by Sam to a session with Winfield Moore and Bill Black where he played a song called Thats all right mama. This song was a hit, and regarded as one of the first rock and roll songs ever composed

He was brought to the attention of Coloner Parker, who offered to Manage Mr Presley. Following this, he appeared in films and recorded some amazing music before being drafted into the army. After he was discharged his career continued.

Later in his career he performed at Las Vegas, and contued to do so until his death in 1977.

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